Company and ecology

The new building in Wetteren will be constructed on an ecological way. This was also the case with the building in Liège : Canadian wells ( alternative for air conditioning), photovoltaic solar panels, solar protection, awnings, rainwater reuse, ecological dealing with electricity.

Solar panels

  • 243 solar panels installed and solar tracker on our site in Awans
  • 217 solar panels installed on our site in Wetteren

Awnings and solar protection

The light domes in the entrance hall and the warehouse are a large source of light. In the summer the awnings closes automatically to keep the extra heat outside and to avoid air conditioning costs.

Above the windows the heat-resistant awnings offer the ideal solution for managing the heat input through solar rays, without interfering with the transparency.

Canadian wells

At 2 metres depth, the soil temperature is +/- 14°C both in summer and in winter. Adhering fresh air by suction through these tubes, provides a natural air conditioning.

This brings back a plus for nature.